By: Muhammad Qaisar Hassan

Iftikhar is a dear friend of mine. But when I gave him the task of selling my house, he handled it professionally. The good thing was that he let me decide the selling price and never forced me with his own unlike others who try to force convince the seller to set a lower price. I had several showings in just 2 days and by the end of second day, my house was sold at almost the asking price. Not only that, Iftikhar also helped me getting the mortgage for my new house at the best price in the market (1.85% variable). I'm completely satisfied with his service and would strongly recommend his services to everyone

By: Rajesh Patel

I really thank you very much .really you did a great job by selling my house more than the asking price. It was amazing experince with you.wish you the best.

By: Sunil Kumar

Very satisfied with the service that was given by Metro King Realty. Iftikhar is an excellent real estate agent. Definitely recommend his service to anyone who is planning to buy or sell their house. He answered all our questions and gave us fast and excellent service. We were very happy to work with him and let him sell our home. He will always be there for you.

By: Nancy Muir

My Husband and I cannot say enough wonderful things about IFTIKHAR, he did an amazing job for us. This is our story. We lived in a beautiful home; the issue was it was too big for us to manage. The house was only five years old and spotless, just beautiful! We hired an agent to list it for us quite a few months prior, it was on the market for many months, no one showing any interest or coming to view our home. We couldn’t understand a 3 car garage, all brick and stone, just beautiful. The agent told us it was worth much less than it was. We were made many promises that the house would sell asap however all this agent told us were empty false words. No advertising, the write up was all wrong. We took the house down and thought that we would have to hire someone to help with the upkeep. Then we met the most amazing, honest and tell it like it is agent, IFTIKHAR. This man was and is amazing!! He came to see us, told us our home was worth much more than it had been listed for by the other agent and then said “put your trust in me”. We at this point had been through so much but decided to give him a chance. The next day he had a crew come and do the virtual tour, take all photos and put his signs up. This was a Friday, it was going to hit MLS on Saturday morning. As you can understand because of our last experience and the new price IFTIKHAR listed it for we did not expect was coming next. The phone rang early in the morning, the house had not been on MLS for 4 hours yet, someone wanted to see it. My husband and I both thought nothing of it because of our prior experience. It was not even an hour that had past and the phone rang again. We REALLY did not expect this call; it was an offer and not just a small one, just a few thousand less than Iftikhar listed it for. Plus over 40 thousand more than the other agent had it listed for the first time. My husband and I were in shock, especially when Iftikhar said no, it is not high enough. He called back 10 minutes later and they went up 5 more thousand and the deal was done. Listed, sold in 5 hours!! It did not stop there, he helped us get a new home, was there for every transaction, he even had an amazing Lawyer to complete the deal. We did not have to lift a finger, only to sign. This Agent is honest and he truly cares!!!!! Thank you Metro King Realty, Thank you Iftikhar!!!

By: Silvija Davidovac

I would like to thank Iftikhar Ahmad and Metro King Realty Inc. for helping me sell my house! Iftikhar is very professional and knowledgable and sold my house first day on the market with all the conditions and requested I asked for! If you are looking for a good agent and trying to sell your house fast and at the high price you don't need to look any more. Iftikhar is the right agent for you!

By: Ashish Patel

I would like to thank you Iftikhar for selling my house. He is the real adviser to buy or sell house. Thanks again.

By: Jesse Amaral

Great experience working with iftikhar. Very friendly and professional and makes selling your hone an easy and fast transition. He works hard to get your home its greatest value. Look forward to working together jn the near future.

By: Jack Malaythong I would like to thank you Iftikhar for selling my house right fast. 2 days on the market and I got over asking price...well recommended, if you need to sell your house fast call Iftikhar he will get the job, effecient, reliable and he works hard to get the price you want.

By: Mobain Syed

I've had two experiences with Metro king Realty and both have been spectacular. Sold both properties over asking and got the best deal on the new houses I bought all thanks to the hard work and dedication put forth by this company. I highly recommended Iftikhar Ahmad if you want an easy and professional buying and selling experience.

By: Chandrakant Patel

I would like to thank you to Iftikhar Ahmed. He helped me out to buy house by nice way.he is really nice and professional guy.he is the real advisor to buy or sell house.thanks again.

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